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Education Partners

Many universities and colleges realise that it is significantly more costly for rural and regional students to access post high school education. Because of this an increasing number of tertiary institutions are partnering with the Country Education Foundation (CEF).

In 2014 alone our education partners provided over $200,000 in additional support to CEF full-time undergraduate students from rural and regional Australia.

Financial support for students

Education partners provide additional financial assistance to rural and regional students who have received a local CEF grant.

This co-funding is primarily available to students in their first year of studies; however, some will also provide assistance to second, third or fourth year students if funds remain after all first year students’ grant matches have been allocated. Where possible, attending students will receive a dollar for dollar match of their locally received grant.

University experience programs

The CEF and our education partners provide a number of university experience programs to school students from communities where there is a local country education foundation.

The purpose of these programs is to foster the aspirations and ambitions of rural and regional youth.Young Australians living in rural and regional areas are as bright and ambitious as those living in Australia’s major metropolitan centres

CEF Partners

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