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Partnering with the CEF

Our work in rural and regional Australia is made possible through the support of corporate, philanthropic, community and pro bono providers. By partnering with the CEF, you will help us to continue that work – supporting students, their families and their communities.

Philanthropic and Corporate Partnerships

We are seeking partners to help us expand and improve education and career opportunities for disadvantaged rural youth. Partnership opportunities can be focused on local, state or national level support.

We also need partners for CEF projects which support rural and regional school students, school leavers and our volunteers across Australia.

Pro Bono Providers

You can also help by providing ‘in kind’ good or services to support our work. Our pro bono providers help us to reduce our overheads and direct more of our funding to opportunities for rural and regional students.

We welcome donations of office equipment, computers and technology support, travel/accommodation, fuel and a range of professional services.

Community Partnerships

CEFA works collaboratively with a wide range of organisations and individuals who share our values and our commitment to improving the lives of young people in rural and regional Australia.

We do this by working on joint initiatives, sharing ideas with and promoting and assisting like-minded organisations wherever possible.


For further information about partnering with the CEF please contact us here.